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Where and when: in the woods bordering near the Danube River from May 15th to february 28th   The fee includes: All transportation from/To airport, hotel and hunting grounds Full board in hotel or hunting lodge in single room Romanian hunting permits 3 days dedicated Golden Jackal hunting 4 days and nights in hotel breakfast [...]
Romania is a land with abundant and high-quality wildlife resources, rich in noble and high-quality game. We have good populations of hares, as capturing them is prohibited in Romania, magnificent wild pheasants, and numerous partridges. For a traditional mixed hunting experience with prized game animals, Romania is the best destination. Where and when Reserves in [...]
Romania has become a unique destination for hunting enthusiasts looking for skylark and thrush in recent years. Many migrating larks come from Russia and Ukraine in early October. They are an important presence in this area. Also, for hunting thrushes Romania is second to no one. Those birds migrate at the same time as larks. [...]
In our reserves close to the Carpathian Mountains, when the lark and thrushes have finished migrating, the fieldfares arrive in large numbers. In the areas of Buzau, Fetesti, and especially the Focsani area, the fieldfare arrives and stay all winter in large vineyards. Vineyards for wine production occupy large areas and for many reasons it [...]
Goose hunting in Romania evokes the typical landscapes of the prairies in the American Midwest and the Canadian provinces. renowned for being some legendary places for goose and duck hunting. It is precisely within these remarkable settings that we organize our hunts. Accompanied by specialized guides (Hunterman) specialized for this type of hunting, that takes place [...]
Wood Pigeons hunting in Romania Where and when In the area of Tulcea and Slobozia WoodPigeons hunting from 1 September to February 15   The fee include: All transport between the airport, hotel and hunting grounds Full board in a double room Breakfast, lunch and dinner with set menu Romanian hunting permits Game hunting and [...]
In the great plains of Romania, we have a land of about 3000 hectares of state property where we can hunt peacefully. The only condition tis that this land should not be cultivated, it must remain intact in its natural state. Here, thousands of quails, nest during the spring, finding tranquillity and the right vegetation [...]