Greece has become, in recent years, the best destination for migratory birds and particularly for thrushes, to spend the winter.
According to studies conducted by ornithology universities, migration patterns have shifted in recent years, with fewer birds migrating to the Iberian Peninsula and a significant increase in their presence in the Mediterranean basin, especially in Greece.
The exact reasons for this shift are not known, but it is a fact that thrushes arrive in large numbers in our zones in the Thessalia region in Greece every winter.

Our territories are located along the coast, between the cities of Lamia and Volos. It is a relatively poor region of Greece where olive cultivation is the primary and one of the few sources of employment. The cultivation of olive trees is widespread along the shores of the Aegean Sea, with millions of olive trees extending from the coastal areas up to altitudes of 600-700 meters. As a result, a vast expanse of Mediterranean scrubland intersects with endless olive groves. This environment is a paradise for thrushes. The winter climate is never excessively cold, and the abundant forage attracts a thriving population of thrushes.

From December 1st until the end of February, hunting thrushes is one of the favourite hunts for Italian hunters. There are two main options for reaching our hunting zones. You can either fly to Athens and then drive to Lamia, or take a ferry from the ports of Ancona, Bari, or Brindisi with your car and head towards Igoumenitsa.
After disembarking, you can make your way to our hotel in the Lamia area.

Where and when:

  • Thessalia region from November 15th to February 28th



  • An advanced payment of €300 per hunter is required to confirm the hunting trip.


The fee includes:

  • Full board accommodation in double rooms
  • Valid Greek firearms permit for the entire hunting season
  • Professional guides with dogs
  • Hunting and ownership of the game harvested
  • Assistance from Italian* staff and game preservation


Not included

  • Travel to and from Greece
  • Alcoholic beverages and personal services


Additional charges

  • Travel and all transfers during the hunt
  • Rifle rental
  • Single room
  • Box of 25 cartridges
  • Additional hunting day
  • Use of our dogs
  • Non-hunting companion

Conditions: a deposit of €300 per hunter is required upon confirmation of the hunting dates. The payment of the fee is to be settled upon arrival in Greece.

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