The magic of the colours of the sky, with the purple, pink, blue and fiery clouds, the castles, the fairy flags and the discreet monsters; the fjords, coloured light blue and pale pink during the winter, seems to have come out of a watercolours painting. If you are a lover of nature, then you will absolutely love the lands of Scotland.
Hunt in Scotland is included in private law regulations. That means that in order to access hunting stocks, the authorization from landowners is required. This makes hunting a very serious and important matter for Scots.

In a land that however has important wildlife resources, hunting is regulated to measure for hunter: from the Edinburgh hills to the Aberdeen countryside reaching the beautiful highlands, hunting in Scotland can give the greatest satisfactions that every hunter is looking for in a hunting trip.

For more information about hunting in Scotland read here:
We are pleased to give you a presentation of the hunting opportunities in Scotland organized by our agency. In particular, we offer dedicated packages for hunting wood pigeons, woodcocks, and mixed game. In Scotland, our established experience allows us to provide you with the best territories, with reserves located in many areas of the country.

Document for the hunter:
Valid passport or ID card
Italian firearms permit and hunting license
Hunting insurance
European Firearms Pass or temporary export of the firearm issued by the local police headquarters

Document for dogs:
European passport with rabies vaccination administered at least 30 days before
Vaccination records (equivalent to rabies) and microchip identification with date prior to rabies vaccination
Health declaration with veterinarian stamp on the European passport, to be carried out within 5 days before departure to Scotland

Tourists – various – payments:
For those who wish, we can organize tourist excursions to the most beautiful Scottish locations. Minibuses with Italian-speaking drivers and guides are available. We recommend flying directly from Milan or Rome to Edinburgh. For hunters who want to bring their own dogs to Scotland, we arrange transportation with equipped minibuses and qualified staff.
For each hunting trip, we request a deposit of €500 to be paid via bank transfer to an account in Scotland, which we will provide you with. The remaining details will be planned upon your arrival in Scotland.


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