Romania has been for us of Hunting Adventures the starting point where our passion of organizing hunting trip began.
We arrived in this land as hunters 25 years ago, fascinated by the call of Danube’s Delta. Throughout the years we’ve been able to combine our passion with the possibility of bringing other hunters in those beautiful hunting experiences.
Our hunting grounds consists of 4 areas, ranging from Tulcea, Cernovoda and Slobozia.

It is the location of excellence that gathers all the migratory birds that flies over the Black Sea. Quails, Common Snipes, Larks, Thrushes, Fieldfare and other migratory waterfowl birds such as ducks and geese all pass through here.

From August 15th until the end of February, with the following periods recommended:

Quails in August – September
Larks and thrushes in September – October
Mixed local animals (hare phasant) from October – January
Fieldfare in November – February
Ducks and geese from October – February

Romania is a great country for the many hunting activities that it can offer, including also the ones dedicated to the dog training while the hunting season is closed.
It is easy to get to Romania thanks to the many air connections that are present.
This country is part of the European community, so the rules on hunting are the ones that we already know.
One important thing is that all the game must be brought to Italy through a hunting certificate, but don’t worry, we will take care of that!

We are waiting for seeing you come living with us this experience of hunting in Romania, organized by hunters for hunters!

Cordially Dario Boni