Hunting in Greece

Greece is one of the best destinations for Thrush hunting, and many Italian hunters are enthusiasts of this type of hunting.
A few years ago, when we decided to embark on hunting travel activities, particularly for Thrush hunting, we had two options in Europe: Greece and Spain. We conducted precise analyses and relied on research conducted by ornithology universities and these studies highlighted the migratory change of the Thrush species from the Iberian Peninsula to the Mediterranean coast. At that point it was natural that our attention turned to Greece: a country with abundant hunting resources and where Thrush species enjoyed and still enjoy wintering.
In Greece, they find plenty of pasture in vast olive groves and throughout the Mediterranean scrubland, in addition to the temperate climate.
Considering the presence of other organizations along the Mediterranean coast, we at Hunting Adventures decided to focus on the Thessaly region, situated between the cities of Lamia and Volos.
The predominant territory in our hunting areas is that of olive groves. A significant part of the region’s economy is based on olive production and, consequently, olive oil. In the hunting territories, there are approximately 7 million olive trees that produce excellent extra virgin olive oil. And guess what? It is also perfect for the wintering of millions of birds, particularly Thrushes, Blackbirds, and Fieldfares
This region is wonderful from both a hunting and environmental perspective. Those who come to hunt here will find themselves in an uncontaminated environment, located between the Aegean Sea and the surrounding mountains.

To reach the Thessaly region in Greece, there are two options. One is to arrive by plane in Athens and then reach the Lamia area, or arrive by ferry from Ancona, Bari, or Brindisi to Igoumenitsa. Afterward, by taking the highway towards Thessaloniki at the exit for Lamia.
Hunting Adventures collaborates with local associations, providing employment while respecting the laws of Greece and the demands of local hunters.

Come to Greece and your hunting trip will undoubtedly become a hunting vacation!

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