cacciare in bosnia

We went hunting in Bosnia and Herzegovina almost as a joke invited by some friends who had spoken highly of this part of Bosnia, but for our Agency, it turned out to be a real stroke of luck to end up at Lake Busko Jezero.
And now, after a few visits and firsthand hunting experiences, we can only confirm the great value of this destination.
The area is rich of numerous types of game such as partridges and quails. During the migration period, there are many quails and woodcocks around the vast marshes created by the seasonal drop in water levels at Lake Busko Jezero.
From around August 15th, many quails are present in these territories where migratory birds meet those born locally. The territories consist mainly of small plots of alfalfa and corn. There is no intensive farming, and naturally, the land does not undergo the treatments associated with other types of agriculture.
Although this lake is very large, covering 55 square kilometers, it is shallow: the maximum depth of the lake is about 4-5 meters, making it an ideal habitat for the arrival, stopover, and life of numerous species of ducks. Meanwhile, common snipes benefit from the vast spaces and beautiful marshes that surround the lake from August to December.
The area is very extended, with a plateau that gives the sensation of a plain but that it’s actually located 700 meters above sea level. Surrounding the area, we find hazelnut and oak forests, which gradually transition to beech trees and, at elevations above 1,000 meters, spruces and junipers. In these forests, from October 10th to Christmas, there is a significant presence of woodcocks. It is one of the most challenging and dynamic hunts, but it surely offers great satisfaction to both dogs and hunters.

Above the altitude of 1,200 meters, up to almost 2,000 meters where vegetation ends, we have a territory typically suited for the reproduction and conservation of the splendid rock partridges and even some broods of partridge.
Here, hunting enthusiasts and dog lovers find their best fit: woodcocks, rock partridges, and partridges.
For partridges hunting, we have several reserves where we offer also annual quotas, providing the opportunity to hunt throughout the whole migratory season without limitations on permits and bag limits. And additionally, within the quota, there is a certain number of rock partridges or partridges that can be harvested throughout the entire hunting season.
We are not far from Spalato (Croatia), which can be reached from Italy by car, plane, or sea from the major Italian ports. From Spalato, it’s bout 50 kilometers to reach the hunting lodge or hotel, depending on the availability and preferences of the hunters.
Undoubtedly, for lovers of pointing dogs, this is an important training ground where the tranquillity and richness of the fauna can offer each hunter their own great experience.
Come with us and see for yourselves!