About Us

Dear user,
We are Dario Boni and Massimo Mangini who since a couple years came together and created Hunting Adventures, an Agency specialized in hunting trips in multiple countries such as Romania, Greece, Scotland, Bosnia and Belarus.

Over the years, we have searched for the best hunting grounds to offer our fellow hunters and we are glad now to be able to do it.

Romania remains our starting point due to the great hunting possibilities that offers. Here we are supported by a big and long-time known organization. We offer all type of migratory bird hunts allowed by the Rumenian laws, as well as some other local game.

Greece is also a very important country for us in terms of hunting migratory birds, such as thrushes. Our point of reference is the coast between the cities of Lamia and Volos, on the Egean sea, in the region of Thessalia.

We also organize hunting trips in Scotland with the classic hunts that only this land can offer like wood pigeons, woodcocks and geese. Slightly more in the north, the grouse? hunting in the Highlands represents the best a hunter could wish for!

In Italy we are present in two AFV(Enhanced Wildlife Areas?) under our management, to support hunters who, for various reasons, prefer not to venture beyond the Italian borders. We offer the experience of hunting different types of game, but primarily woodcocks and waterfowl. We are in Polesine, with the possibility to hunt also in the legendary and fascinating valleys of Veneto, areas that are extremely important for wildlife, where hunting allows to find a balance between fauna and environment.
Bosnia is the last destination that we added, and it seems very lucky as for now. Here, at just a few hundred km from italy we discovered some areas that are perfect for the woodcocks hunting. In a breathtaking landscape, there is also the possibility to hunt different types of game like partridge and rock partridge, and let’s not forget quails and common snipes near the lake Busko Jezero, along the numerous waterfowl located along the northern dam and around the lake throughout all the hunting season. Regarding the waterfowls, we always work with awareness to preserve the immense heritage of birds that the lake holds.

And last but not least for the waterfowl hunting but also for big game hunting like elk and european bison there is Belarus: ideal country especially during the spring.
All our services are of the highest level, with the assistance of professionals always ready to advise you on the best destinations!
Thank you to everyone and best of luck for the upcoming hunting season!